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Discover a history-filled paradise full of pink sand beaches with a cruise to Bermuda.

Set sail from the East Coast of the United States and travel through the Atlantic seas to an island oasis with a cruise to Bermuda. Explore British colonial landmarks like the Royal Navy Dockyard. Take a dip in the blue waves at Horseshoe Bay Beach and wander through the vibrantly painted streets of St. George's and Hamilton to see the Gothic-style towers of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Need to scratch your itch for outdoor adventure? Hike the Railway Trail and take in views of the clear-water coast, or snorkel among shipwrecks and coral reefs at Tobacco Bay. Discover the magic with a Bermuda cruise.


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Set sail on the best Bermuda cruises to experience from historical wonders to natural beauty. Snorkel deep down and discover mysterious underwater shipwrecks from hundreds of years ago, or kick off your sandals and relax on the unique pink sand of some of the world's most beautiful beaches.


Bermuda is buzzing with history. From Hamilton to St. George's, there are hundreds of years of historical buildings and places to explore. Cruise to Bermuda to discover the colonial roots of these vibrant cities, where cultures collide into a distinctive mix of European and indigenous influences you won't find replicated anywhere in the world.

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